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Andreas Bader
GmbH & Co.KG

Wegmannstrasse 16
45279 Essen

Tel.: +49 201 61245795
Mobile: +49 1724105685

E-Mail: info@andreas-bader.de
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My services
Execution of construction projects in the field of Electrical / Measuring & Instrumentation systems
(E-profile) and assurance of quality standards and guidelines within document management system
(DMS profile).

My activities range from planning and consultancy to assembly work, site management and -supervision to electrical start-ups and assistance in test runs.

Part of my tasks also includes the communication between the performing maintenance groups at the site as well monitoring and compliance with the quality management system.

As a matter of principle, all standards, regualtions and technical norms are implemented in the current version during the construction phase.


Within the quality assurance and progressing site documentation, my activities range in the field of the DMS Profile from the preparation furnishing and updating of all the required documentation to the coordination af all parties involved in the project, such the general and sub-contractors, suppliers, site management, constructor, constructor representatives, etc.,

The documentation is prepared with modern electronic data processing (EDP) containing all construction phases up to commissioning.

At the end, you obtain a usable operating and plant documentation containing all detailed and updated data of the total plant in a printed and digital version.

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